Artist Statement

With bunny hugs and bunny hops,
Kiss the canvas
Spiked by a one-two punch!
Mine the myths that lace the cultural gumbo
Of these Multi-States of Mind.

The perpetually deferred promise of consumer bliss haunts our dreams
To be loved and lovable.
Ball humping and bible thumping,
Transfixed before the one-eyed monster,
We shoot ourselves to entertain our media messengers
Serviced by remote corporate control.

Searching for our real selves
By searching the shelves
Lined with supersized and spring scents,
Low-fat slingbacks that come in your choice
Of midnight berry and supermoist cherry.

Deploying surface to air lip gloss,
Nursing the loss of assorted body parts
As frosted Pop Tarts rain from the sky.
To pick at "Made in China" labels
That won't rub off.